The terrain coming out for Kill Team is going to be huge, and I plan on being on top of that as well. While I tend to make a lot of my own terrain, a few sections of this is going to be a  great addition and add some extra flair to my tabletops, especially for Kill Team.

via the Warhammer Community- you can read more over at the link

The Sector Imperialis terrain is truly modular in every sense of the word, and can be assembled in a number of different ways that far exceeds this humble writer’s ability to calculate. If you have enough kits, it’s even possible to create complete buildings that are all but untouched by the ravages of war (though it’s unlikely to stay that way for long with plasma shots and orbital bombardments flying).
One of the luxuries of the large floor sections in the Sector Imperialis kits is that they can comfortably accommodate even the largest squads on the same level. No longer will poor old Battle-brother Verandius suffer the ignominy of having to remain at ground level while the rest of his 10-man Hellblaster Squad enjoys a glorious view of the battlefield from the first floor!

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