Grey Knights are up next... one of my secondary armies so it needs to be shared. Of course no Purifiers...... sad face. However with lots of Grey Knight options you may not need any extras beyond that.

via the Warhammer Community
In terms of sheer offensive power, Grey Knights are one of the strongest kill teams in the game. Whatever flavour of nemesis force weapon or special ranged weapon you choose, you’ll go through hordes and armoured foes alike with ease.
Even without their guns, the Grey Knights are deadly, thanks to Psybolt. Kill Team, like Warhammer 40,000, features a psychic phase where units can smite one another with warp-magics – and for now, the Grey Knights are one of only two kill teams that can take advantage of it, with every member of their team being a psyker. (Don’t worry – you can only cast it once a turn!)
In Kill Team, every Grey Knight is a hero – a champion who can go one-on-one with pretty much anyone in the game and win. If you’re looking for a super-elite team that can deal damage in every phase of the game (barring movement – although you’re welcome to try running into people) then these are the guys for you.
Armed as standard with a nemesis force sword and storm bolter, you could leave every member of your kill team “as is” and still be more than capable of tackling any foe. Gear up with psilencers, psycannons, incinerator and – for when you really need someone smiting – Nemesis Daemon hammers, and there’s little that can stand before you.
With four shots at close range, Storm Bolters are NASTY – and they’re even nastier with this Tactic.
Ensure your Psybolts go off (or fish for more mortal wounds) with this handy Tactic.
Step 1: Get a Grey Knight Strike Squad.
Step 2: Congratulations! You’re now the proud owner of an entire Grey Knights kill team AND plenty of spare specialists and squad members to swap out as you please! It’s really that simple…

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