If your like me the new terrain Sector Imperalis looks amazing and there is no doubt I would want it for my tables. However, there is always a big trade off between miniatures and buying terrain. Just how far up on my list of hobby priorities is this new terrain? Im not certain myself, so any additional information is always a big bonus.

Lets see the latest from the Warhammer Community regarding their new terrain kits. Is this terrain a top priority for you?

The Sector Imperialis terrain kits are now on a shelf near you! These are, without a doubt, some of our best urban terrain ever, as much a labour of love by our scenery designers as they are practical gameplay pieces, and we’ve decided to take a top-down view of what these terrain kits mean for you! There’s still even more to these kits – here are 5 things you might not know about them…

5-They're at the heart of the Imperium
The Sector Imperialis buildings are designed to represent a very specific slice of Imperial society – the central districts of each city. These aren’t hab blocks, but sanctums, courts and other key municipal buildings – hence the terrifying, deliberately imposing architecture.

4- They Stack
Each Sector Imperialis kit has been designed so that, if built to line up, you can stack them on top of one another without glue. At the foot of each column is a join that allows it to comfortably slot on the joins at the top. This also makes expanding your collection simple – just build on top of what you’ve already got!

3-Every Piece is packed with hidden meaning
Every statue on the Sector Imperialis set is designed to tell a story. For example, the hobby team designed the two larger figures in the Basilicanum as symbolic representations of the two key pillars of the Imperium – a warrior and a priest.

2- Lots and lots of hidden meaning
There’s even more hidden symbolism in the smaller statues in the Sanctum. Take the icon representing Justice. This statue features the symbol of the Adeptus Arbites on its waist, a hidden Inquisitorial “I” in its sword and tucked away above that, on the sword’s crossguard, the symbol of the Officio Assassinorum.

1- With More Features to Discover
There’s even more to these kits than meets the eye, with several fittings allowing you to build bridges, balconies and other, more unusual structures. We’ll be posting even more details and novel ways you can build your sets after release – in the meantime, don’t be afraid to experiment and see what you can discover!

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