This is one of the Kill Teams that I will definitely be interested in having a Kill Team for.

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It’s time for another Kill Team Focus – this time, looking at the adaptable bio-beasts of the TyranidsRead on for why you might want to choose Tyranids for your kill team, a look at the units you’ll be able to pick from and a sneak peek at some of their Tactics…
Want an elite kill team? Stock up on Warriors and Lictors. Fancy overwhelming the foe? Grab a horde of Termagants. Can’t decide? Mix the two!
Tyranids kill teams are never better than when in chomping distance of their foes. From blitzing enemies with a flurry of talons and more specialised options like lash whips and boneswords, your kill team is sure to have a painful impact on any enemy they charge.
Tyranids are a treat for converters in Kill Team, allowing you to really go wild with some custom biomorphs. A Comms specialist could be covered in antennae, while a Combat specialist could be festooned with spikes and blades – there are loads of options for making each model look distinct.
Basic Tyranid gun-beasts, Termagants can provide a surprising amount of firepower with their fleshborers and devourers.
Smaller Tyranid beasts developed for close combat, Hormagaunts can quickly close in on their prey before slicing them apart with their scything talons.
Terrifying synapse beasts, Warriors are monstrous in Kill Team, boasting deadly bio-morphs, providing Synapse support for lesser creatures and disrupting enemy psykers.
Elite, mobile and hard to pin down, Genestealers are great close-combat creatures with a range of optional biomorphs, from scything talons to extended carapace.
Lictors are stealthy, fast and lethal – if you’re looking for a super-elite kill team, why not take four?
Turns out the brains of enemy Leaders are full of tasty, tasty Command Points. Who knew?
From keeping your Leader safe to protecting an entrenched gun-beast, this Tactic fits the stealthy and adaptable Tyranids perfectly.
A great way to kick off your Tyranids kill team is with a set of Genestealers– thematically, these vanguard organisms are designed for kill team-style operations. For a different direction, you could grab a Lictor or two – if you’ve ever seen a film or read a book about an alien stalking and killing off a small crew, one-by-one, these guys let you BE that alien…
Still hungry for more previews (as well as biomass)? Check back tomorrow, when we’ll be previewing another deadly xenos species – the Drukhari

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