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As a committed Magos Dominus of the Adeptus Mechanicus, I was overjoyed to see we warriors of the Omnissiah now have access to the Termite Assault Drill! However, as a father and husband, I lack the £75 plus postage I'd need to have one.

So, presenting, the Demetriyus-pattern Termite Assault Drill!

A rare, non-STC model, the Demetriyus-pattern Termite is equipped with retractable motive legs for surface movement and deployment, and an extremely claustrophobic transport compartment. The Machine Spirit of the Demetriyus could best be described as 'grumpy'.

Parts list:
Ad Mech scenery (furnace)
Robogear legs
Lego Power Miners parts
Patience and a butt load of weathering powder...


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