Kill Team already has some Killzone expansions coming, including the focus of this one, the Sector Munitorum. Take a look at exactly what a Killzone is and what means for your Kill Team games.

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Kill Team is now available to pre-order – and we’ve got the first expansions in the pipeline for you already! Next week, you’ll be able to get your hands on the Sector Munitorum Kill Team – a new battlefield for your games that contains some powerful new rules for you to take advantage of – rules we’re previewing right here!

Killzones are specially designed Kill Team expansions that are perfect for any Warhammer 40,000 player. Inside each, you’ll find loads of rules content for expanding your games alongside bundles of terrain at a lower price than getting the kits inside separately. Each is designed to give you a complete Kill Team setup in a single box, while double-sided card tiles allow you to construct a fully fledged Warhammer 40,000 battlefield with an impressive amount of terrain by combining multiple sets together!

The Imperium owes its continued existence as much to a colossal, galaxy-wide operation of logistics as it does to its extreme belligerence and unshakeable faith in the Emperor. Across the stars, warehouses, loading docks and ammo-dumps provide fresh war materiel to armies in the field. This makes them highly desirable targets for Kill Team raids, stacked containers turning into improvised cover as squads skirmish between a maze of stored goods and ammunition.
Like all Killzones, the Sector Munitorum set comes with an Environment card. This card features a set of big, game-changing rules that can take effect in your games. For example, you might find yourself fighting in the pitch black or may have to dodge falling containers:

With these rules in place, every game in a Sector Munitorum will bring new challenges, keeping your battles fresh and fun.

Each Killzone expansion comes with a set of Tactics, usable by any Kill Team, that allow your troops to harness the environment to their advantage. Take Ammo Supply – you’ll be able to crack open a nearby crate to provide your troops with some extra shots:
Specialists will be able to utilise their surroundings even further. If you’re battling in a Sector Munitorum, make sure to bring a Heavy to use the Plentiful Ammo Tactic:
Finally, ever wondered what it might be like to get hit by a Galvanic Servohauler? With the Servo-Arm Attack Tactic, you could well find out…
The Sector Munitorum Killzone will be available to pre-order this weekend, while you can order the Sector Mechanicus Killzone – another 

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