Quite a bit is being revealed over at the Forgeworld Open Day event including new Horus Heresy models, Necromunda, and Blood Bowl. Its a good day to get a look ahead!

via Forgeworld on the Warhammer Community
Horus Heresy
Jenetia Krole of the Sisters of Silence and the truly terrifying Magos Dominus Scoria, a fallen scion of the Mechanicum. The mighty Carnodon tank is also on display, which will provide more armoured might to armies of the Solar Auxilia.

Two Space Marine Legions are getting new commanders, with power-armoured and Terminator armour-clad Praetors for the Blood Angels and Alpha Legion on display. 

The denizens of the underhive are in on the action too, with awesome Orlock Weapons Sets on sale today, and the team are showing off more weapons coming soon for Van Saar gangs. The models for House Cawdor are also here, along with Gang War 4 and a new hired gun, Kria the Huntress. A Gang Leaders Accessory Pack will also be providing you with gang rosters, Scenario cards, tokens and a quick reference guide to make keeping track of everything even easier.

Blood Bowl
There’s a fantastic array of Blood Bowl models, including Cheerleaders for no fewer than three teams – Humans, Orcs and Chaos – along with Elven Star Player Eldril Sidewinder and the long-awaited Human Team Booster, with alternative poses for various Human players.

What’s coming soon will please Dark Elf players no end, with Cheerleaders and Assassins to add to their team, along with Roxana Darknail, the infamous Dark Elf Star Player.

New Box Game 

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