We talk news, weekly update with #New40K updates and reflections, hobby and games played. In our discussion we look at game mats for your wargaming hobby, regardless of game. We're joined by Reece at Front Line Gaming to chat about their amazing mats (and more!) after Rob from Gamemats.com, a new mat producer, chats with Kenny. Don't forget to check out the SoCal Open in gorgeous Southern California.

As always see below for contacts and discount codes for our listeners and enjoy! 

We're aware the last episode was running audio in headphones to only one track so we've fixed that and hopefully the tech gremlins are finally done with us. Internet boosted, new headset/mic, but can't do much if noise on a guest's side. Soon all pre-recorded interviews will be out and all the audio will be current and consistent. We appreciate your patience. :)

time stamp
00:00 - 00:52  Intro
00:52 - 01:11  Gamemats.com
01:11 - 01:36 Front Line Gaming

Front Line Gaming

Game Mats.com 
10% off Gamemats.com through June 17th, 2017 with code COMBATPHASE
Twitter: @gamematsdotcom
Insta: @gamematsdotcom

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