The Genesys Project has a big update that I just submitted an hour or so ago, which should hit the Genesys site by tomorrow. The new version of the game is v3.1. So starting tomorrow if you have v3.1 for any of the books (pdfs) you have the current version.

One of the biggest updates are the new powers found in the Fey Apocryphōrum. The Fey are getting (if I counted them correctly) 66 new powers added to their Spheres of Influence. This gives a huge update to the Fey, and balances them out with ranged powers. Some of the interesting things about these new powers for the Fey are

  • The Fey do not have a Mortal Threshold
  • Powers can be Manipulated and Modified in game
  • The Fey have a very low Difficulty level use Powers. 
What does this mean? 
Mortal Threshold: Powers are dangerous, and harnessing too much ravages the body, tearing it apart from its connection through the veil. Any die result from Powers higher than the models Mortal Threshold results in immediate death. The model may not be resurrected as the energies have torn apart the caster in a violent and spectacular way.... The Fey do not have this...... 

Modifying Fey Powers: Before casting a Fey power, you may choose to alter your power. Altering a power increases to the difficulty as listed below. The maximum difficulty you may increase a power’s difficulty is limited by the Unit Class of the caster
Power Modification 0: Disciples, Minions, Lesser Incarnates, Fey Beasts
Power Modification 1: Devout
Power Modification 2: Greater Incarnates
Power Modification 3: Archlords, Paragons 3+

Modifications include......... remember that these can be done when you activate! unlike the other Life Domains, who have set powers, but can be created when you make your faction. 
Casting Modifications
Instantaneous: +2 Difficulty (do not take up an action to cast) Instantaneous Spells do not allow for Channeling
Strength Modifications
For each +1 Strength, increase the difficulty by 1
Range Modifiers
For Each x1 Willpower multiplier, Increase the difficulty by 1
Duration Modifiers
For each +1 Activations, increase the difficulty by 1. Self-targeted powers only* 
* Self targeted powers may have their duration increased. Extended durations last through X activations. A power with a duration of 2 for example, would last through this activation (when it was cast), and the models next activation. 

Area Effect Modifications
Self-targeted and other powers may have their area of effect modified. Self-targeted powers with an area of effect only affect friendly models within the area. 
Area Effects and how they interact with both friendly and enemy models are discussed fully in the Core Rules. 
Small Area/Blasts 3”dia. 3 Models Max: Difficulty +1
Large Area/Blasts 6”dia 6 Models Max: Difficulty +2
Xlarge Area/Blasts 9”dia 9 Models Max: Difficulty +3

The following modifications cannot have their range modified
Arc: +1 Difficulty (180° 6 Models- range changes to Willpower x1) Closest models to the caster are hit first.
Cone: +2 Difficulty (45° 6 models range Willpower x2) Closest models to the caster are hit first.
Ray: +1 Difficulty (Single Line 3 models range Willpower x3) Closest models to the caster are hit first.

Just a reminder... When you cast a Power, you simply roll a d6 and add your Willpower to it. If this equals or is higher than the difficulty, the power goes off and is successful. For mortals (non-Fey), a result over your mortal threshold kills you. As you can see the more powerful the Power is, the higher the difficulty. With most Willpowers starting at 2-3 before traits and abilities, you can see powers be a rather focused Unit Class build. 

Just for an example.. here are the base difficulties for all the Life Domains in Genesys
Base Difficulty: *See below
*Fey Powers have a difficulty of 6. Fey also have no Mortal Threshold. 
*Humanoids have a Difficulty 8 with a Mortal Threshold 12
*Biests have a Difficulty 8 with a Mortal Threshold of 11. 
*Reptilia have a Difficulty of 7 with a Mortal Threshold of 14
*Insekt have a Difficulty of 9 with a Mortal Threshold of 12

We will talk about the Powers soon, as each Path, whether it be Light, Darkness, or in the Twilight Realms

Need to learn more about the Genesys Project
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