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here are my Eldar (2,000 point tournament army,):

Based on my own Craft-planet narrative, I went with GW's paint scheme for raw Wraithbone. Although the narrative is in the works, I can tell you long ago (not in a galaxy so far away, actually in the Pacific sector), a Craftworld fleeing it's own hubris, crashed into a large planet penetrating through it, neither were destroyed although cataclysmic for planet and ship. 

There were those exodites who left the ship to both explore, settle, and heal the planet, and those that stayed aboard to heal, reweave, and repair the ship... eventually leading to the psychic linking of the crystal spirit and infinity circuit, and the psychic fusing of the Craftworld with the planetary body, thus a fusing of the cultures of exodites and those of a different aspect, a world where rangers seldom have to travel outside their own forests for hunting (making for highly skilled marksman), and due to the repaired webway portal, and use of dolmen gates, both Dark Eldar and Harlequin make peace with other Eldar here, if not as some witness... find peace in the planet's warmsprings well known throughout the Pacific Sector frequented by =][=nquisitor Zohar'el. However with warp rifts opening up, and the webway jeopardized, the next few months may see some heavy fighting come to this realm.


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