There is a Live Blog going on from the Warhammer Community, so we should be watching this for the latest information. From Blood Bowl to Titanicus, and the new edition of Warhammer 40,000, there is a lot here.

If you are at the event, and want your pics shared, please shoot me a link.

Live Blog

Here is just a few of the highlights.

What’s next for Blood Bowl?
More Plastic Teams
More Dice Sets
More Pitches
Team Card Packs
More Star Players
More Booster Packs

A bit of news about Titanicus from the Specialist Games seminar and a few pictures from the Specialist Games display area…
Detailed tabletop wargame
Smaller scale than Warhammer 40,000
Set during the Horus Heresy
Wide range of Titans and Knights
Terrain and modular buildings
New rules inspired by the classic 1988 game
Out soon….ish

Lots of Forgeworld
Regarding Horus Heresy Book Eight: Angelus, they had this to say about its contents:
The Blood Angels Legion
The Dark Angels Legion
The Dark Mechanicum
The Night Lords Legion
Several narratives detailing the campaigns and battles of the Blood Angels and the Dark Angels through the early
Horus Heresy and the Age of Darkness.
Signus Prime
The Thramas Crusade
The Persecution of Sarum
The Siege of Baal
The Passage of the Angel of Death
Background and history for the Dark Angels and Blood Angels
The Rise of the Dark Mechanicum
Daemons and Diabolism in the Horus Heresy!
New rules for the:
Blood Angels and Dark Angels
Night Lords
Dark Mechanicum
Daemon units

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