The Genesys Project is currently in an Open Beta and is a tabletop miniature game where total customization of your faction, units, weapons and equipment, and even vehicles are totally customizable. This puts your faction into your control, how you want to play, and what you want to model for your faction. There are literally thousands of options, and the chance to see two identical factions is nearly impossible.

What makes the game Unique is that you get to create your faction from a total of 5 Life Domains literally being able to create limitless combinations of factions to play. The best part is that all of these plug into a very easy to learn and play ruleset that falls into 28 pages of rules, that has dynamic back and forth interactions with your opponents as they activate and you have the opportunities to counter.

Need to know more? Simply register with our Open Beta to get your own personal product key to download the rules and Life Domains. Its easy..,. Just follow the link below.

Live now on the site, the Core Rules, Humanoids, Fey, and Reptilia are all updated to version 3.1. This is a huge update, including rules updates, balancing, 65+ new Powers, lots of new abilities, and the new Life Domain..... The Reptilia.

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