We have a price list for everything that you will be picking up come launch day, including a set of store incentives to get you to come in and the first mention of the Fate of Konor Global Campaign that is coming soon.

These are looking very accurate,and the prices for the starter set match up from both sources. This is getting exciting.....

Very cool, and a big thank you to Salty Wargaming and our sources here on Faeit 212

via Salty Wargaming

Dark Imperium Starter Set £95.00
Warhammer 40,000 8th:Rulebook £35
Tactical Objective Cards £8.00
Sector Imperialis Objectives £20
Command Dice £12.50
Wound Trackers £8.00
Combat Gauge £6.00
Indices £15.00 each
Dark Imperium Novel £18.00

via sources on Faeit 212
53 brand new Citadel miniatures
Hardback 40K Rulebook (280 pages)
Death Guard book (24 pages)
Primaris Space Marines book (24 pages)
Core Rules reference booklet (8 pages)
Colour assembly guide for all miniatures
12 red D6 dice
12” range ruler
Decal sheet for Space Marines

Store incentives. Not certain how these will be used. check out the Fate of Konor
•  A pad of 50 A4 double sided Roster Sheets •  5 cool 40K metal coins •  30 Ultramarine Range Rulers •  20 A3 Art Posters •  20 Exclusive Mission Sheets •  50 Battle Primer Booklets. •  Also includes an A2 40K Global Campaign ‘Coming Soon’ poster

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