A group of misc 8th edition information bits. This gives a small peak into armies like, Necrons, Tyranids, Orks and Space Wolves. Plus we have what looks like some typed out notes from Blog for the Blood God.

These are from Blog for the Blood God

via various sources on Dakka. These were mostly translated from other sites.

Chaos Marines
Death to the false emperor
Extra attack on a 6 to hit vs Imperium
Khorne - Reroll charge
Nurgle - -1 Ld enemies within 3"
Tzeentch - Mortal wound on a 6 against an enemy units within 12".

M6" S5 A2 and can attack twice each combat.

Khorne axe S+1 Ap-1

S8 T7 W18 4++
Sx2 Ap -4 3 damage in melee
3 powers
His smite does d6 or 2d6 mortal wounds
Reroll hit and invulnerable of 1 for Thousand sons within 9"

S4 T5 W6 A4 2+ 4++ (halves advancing)
on a 5+ ignore wounds
Manreaper is S+3 Ap-3 3 damage,
Pistol is Pistol 2d6 S4 Ap-3.
+1 S and T for poxwalkers within 7"
has the same ability for death guard unit of the starter nurgle lord.

Blood Angels

M 7″ / WS 2+ / BS 2+ / S 5 / T 5 / W 5 / S 2+
His sword is S X2 / -3 VP / D3 Wounds
Ignores Wounds and mortal wounds on a 5+
Casts/Dispels (with an added +1 bonus) 2 powers and knows 3 Powers from BA discipline

Oddly low wound count given his iterations editions past.

Black Rage gives +1A on the charge and ignores a wound on a roll of a 6.
Death Company: 2A each, models can take different loadouts
Lemartes allows rerolling charge distance and to hit rolls in melee to DC units within 6″
Sanguinary Guard rerolls to hit rolls if there is a BA general within 6″
Death Mask gives -1 Discipline to enemies within 3″
Encarmine Sword Ap-3 DmgD3, Axe S+1 Ap-2 DmgD3
Sanguinor has WS2+ W4 S4 T4 A5, can charge even if he used Fall Back, gives +1A to every BA within 6″
Dante has WS2+ W6 S4 T4 A5 Save 2+, allows BA units within 6″ to reroll to hits. Axe is S+2 Ap-3 DmgD3, rerolls to wound if it is a Character

Termagaunts cost a bit less than a melta bomb
M 8″ / WS 4+ / BS 4+ / S 7 / T 8 / W 14 / S 3+
Creates a unit of 10 barebone termagants or can add up to 10 dead barebone termagants to an unit (not over the unit size at the start of the game)

Huge durability buff with T8 and W14.

>67 points
>M7" WS4+ S6 T7 W8 A4 3+
>It doesn't degrade
>if charge does mortal wound on a 4+
>Crushing claws are Sx2 AP-3 damage 3
>Monstrous Scything Talons S: User AP-3 damage 3
>Bonemace S8 Ap-1 d3 damage.
>If with 2 weapons +1 attacks
>2 Scything talons reroll 1 to hit.

S7 (degrades) T8 W13
If it kills a model it can do an extra attack and heal 1 wound.
Every wound he takes does a mortal wound on the enemy on a 6 (I suppose it's acid blood)
If killed roll a dice, on a 6 it does 3 mortal wound on an enemy unit within 3"
Digging claws Sx2 AP-3 damage d6

-1 to be hit for infantry.

WS2+ S6 W4 A3 5+
+2 armour save in cover,
-1 to be hit
can infiltrate at 9" and can reroll charge the turn it shows up

Scatter lasers are 36″ Heavy 4 Ap0

– Warp Spiders M7″ Save 3+, can choose to move 4d6 and get Fly but cannot Advance nor Charge. Flickerjump gives -1BS to enemy but you roll 2D6 and on a 2 you lose a Warp Spider. Death Spinner is 18″ Rapid Fire S6 Ap-4. With Exarch you reroll failed Morale tests. Only 7″ move but still has a long teleport. Must assume -4AP is Rending.
– Wraithknight W24 S8 R8 Save 3+. Wraithcannon is Assault 2 S10 Ap-4 DmgD6, Ghostglaive is Sx2 Ap-4 Dmg6 straigth (no D6 roll). Hits on a 3+ and gets worse losing wounds.
– D-Scythes are 8″ AssaultD3 S10 Ap-4

Banshees M8″ A2 Save 4+. Always attack first with the mask, add 3″ to Advance and Charge rolls, Exarch gives a -1 penalty to hit in melee to enemy models. Executioner Blade is WS-1 S+2 Ap-3 DmgD3

Inquisition and Grey Knights:
Inquisitors can enter any Imperial vehicle and give bubble buffs to Imperium keyword units, depending on the Ordo chosen
Grey Knights know a nerfed verison of Smite, 12″ 1 mortal wound (3 if Daemon keyword)

Reanimation protocols are made at the start of your movement phase. Roll a D6 for every slain model, on a 5+ it comes back. You can roll again in the following turns. You cannot roll if the whole unit is slain. This, along with sweeping advance being removed, will make removing swathes of Necrons a lot harder; kill squads all at once.
Living metal allows for automatically regaining lost wounds
Basic Gauss is 24″ Rapid Fire **Ap-2**, Gauss Cannon is Ap-3 DmgD3 We have to assume AP-2 is on a 6 to wound otherwise GTFO.
Discipline 10
Warriors cost unchanged form 7th.
Monolith M6″ W20 S8 T8 Save3+, Gauss Flux Arc Heavy 3 S5 Ap-2, Whip Heavy 6 S8 Ap-2 DmgD6. When it gets charged, roll on a D6 and if 4+ (or worse, depending on wounds lost) charging unit gets D6 mortal wounds.

Space Marines:
Grav is S5 Ap-3 and does DmgD3 if Save is 3+ or better More flexible across different model types but still will threaten vehicles depending on number of shots.
Nartecium no longer provides FnP but heals a model for D3 wounds

Storm Shields still provide 3+ Invuln save
ATSKNF rerolls failed Morale tests

Markerlights are cumulative per phase and provide different bonuses, depending on how many hit the unit. Basic is reroll 1s, then you have remove cover bonus, increase BS, use Seeker/Destroyer Missiles (normally snapshooting)
Railguns have a chance to do Mortal Wounds on a 6
Activating Nova Reactor may result in Mortal Wound (Riptide Nova reactor is a mortal wound to activate.)
Firesight Marksmen are Independent Characters odd?
Pulse rifles are AP0. Pulse Blasters AP-1 at 10″ and AP-2 at 5″, Assault 2.
Ghostkeels and Stealth Suits give a -1 malus to BS if shot at from more than 12″, can deploy outside of deployment zone at 12″.
Broadside Railgun is Heavy 2 S8 Ap-4 DmgD6, HYMP is Heavy 4 S7 Ap-1 DmgD3 bye bye missile spamming Broadsides.
Pathfinders and Kroots are faster than Fire Warriors

Our plasma statline is as expected, but imperium plasma has improved.
Rail weapons statlines are as expected, but with a chance to cause additional mortal wounds.
Support systems got a bit of a revamp, some now do different things compared to the way it was in 7th ed.
Sept rules not in the index. Looks like will need to wait for codex.
Firesight marksmen are seperate characters now.
Markerlights are cumulative per phase and do not get ‘expended’. There is a table showing what different numbers of ML hits do
Flyers no longer very hard to hit as 7th, they just have a small negative modifier to being hit. Velocity Trackers negate this.
Hammerhead had more wounds than a Leman Russ! Lower T though.
Crisis suit squads now come in a minimum size of 3

One support system allows a bonus to hit if all weapons shoot at the same target, another improves AP of weapons

Ork Battlewagon M12″ W16 T7 Save 4+, can get T8 but loses Open-topped. Deff Rolla hits on a 2+, 6 attacks S8 Ap-2.

Adeptus Mechanicus:
Forge Worlds keywords, Cawl has Mars keyword and buffs Mars FW units.
Adeptus Mechanicus keyword is shared, Cult Mechanicus kw and Skitarii kw are present to differentiate. Bonuses target AM keyword
Canticles are chosen at the start of each Battle Round and last that much, cannot be chosen twice. Among the effects they allow for rerolling 1s to same FW kw units within 6″.

IG/Astra Militarum has regiment keyword and Orders are given automatically to same regiment kw unit within 6″.

Space Wolves:
Thunderwolves Cavalry M10″ W3 S4 T5 Save 3+, same equip as before and they cost nine melta bombs without equipments
Lord on Wolf has W7
Frost weapons add a mortal wound on a 6 (not clear on what dice roll)
Runic Armours give 5+ Invuln Save (4+ if Terminator)

Sisters of Battle:

The Sisters have been “half split” into 2 parts: Adeptus Ministorum and Adepta Sororitas Units have a “Order” key word, this keyword represents the name of your Order (Chapter for you Spheezee Mehreene players) and can be changed to whatever you like.
Example would be “Order of Expensive Metal Models We WANT PLASTIC!”. This would change the Canoness Lead the Righteous ability to say “You can re-roll all hit rolls of 1 for friendly Order of Expensive Metal Models We WANT PLASTIC! units within 6” of this model.
Acts of Faith Roll a D6 at the start of each of your turns. On a roll of 2+, one unit from your army with the Acts of Faith ability can perform an Act of Faith chosen from the following list. Som abilities may allow you to use more than on Act of Faith in the same turn; when this is the case, a different unit must be chosen to perform each Act of Faith.
Hand of the Emperor: The unit can immediately move as if it were the Movement phase.
Divine Guidance: The unit can immediately shoot as if it were the Shooting phase.
The Passion: The unit can, if it is within 1″ of an enemy unit, immediately pile in and attack as if it were the Fight phase.
Spirit of the Martyr: One model in the unit recovers D3 lost wounds, or you can return a single slain model to the unit with 1 wound remaining.
Shield of Faith: 6+ Inv save and can deny one psychic power in each enemy psychic phase in the same manner as a psyker but on D6 instead of 2D6.
Zealot: re-roll failed to hit rolls in a turn which the unit charged, made a heroic intervention or was charged by an enemy unit.
Uriah Jacobus: 5power 4++ Banner of Sanctity: +1Ld to ministorum and AM units within 6″
All Priests 4++ M6″ War Hymns: You can add 1 to the Attack characteristics of all friendly Ministorum and astra militarum infantry within 6″ of any friendly ministorum priest.
Crusaders: 1power for 2 models, 5power for 10 M6″ WS3 S3 A2 Zealot Acts of Faith: This is new
Death Cult Assassins: 1power for 2, 5 for 10 M7″ WS3 S4 A4 5+ 5++ Zealot Death Cult Power blades are AP -2, power swords are -3 which they do NOT have anymore
Arco-Flagellants M7″ WS3 S4 A2 7+5++ Zealot Arco flails: +1S and D3 attacks instead of 1. So this means 2D3 for each Arco at S5 – They could have just made the model S5 unless this is future proofing for plastic Arco-Flagellants with other weapon options.
Penitent Engine: 6power for 1, 18 for 3 M7″ WS3 S5 T6 W7 A4 Ld8 4+ Zealot Desperate for Redemption: Roll a D6 after completing the first set of attacks for units of Penitent Engines in each Fight phase. On a roll of 4+, the unit can immediately pile in and attack for a second time. Penitent Buzz-Blades S2x Ap-3 Damage 3
Adepta Sororitas section Fluff notice: “So it was that the Sisters of Battle were recruited by the millions, their orders rising from the flames of cataclysm (age of apostasy) that saw the Imperium all but devour itself. For those that don’t know GW killed of 99.999999% of all sisters in an earlier Sisters codex, stating that there were just the primary orders and they contained some 10 000 sisters each and nothing else. So sisters have gone from millions to less than 100,000 and now back to millions. Technically it should be billions but GW and numbers….
Celestine: 8power +3 per geminae of 2 max 12″ 2+2+3+3+7 6 9 2+ 4++ Beacon of Faith: +1 Shield of Faith Inv 6″ bubble, Astra militarum and ministorum gain 6+ inv save. The Armour of Saint Katherine: 4++ for her and Geminae Saintly Blessings: Unit within 6+ can perform an Act of Faith. Healing Tears: Resurrect 1 geminae at start of each movement phase Miraculous Intervention: Resurrection of Celestine once per game with full wounds.
Canoness:4 points 6″ 2+ 2+ 3 3 5 4 9 3+4++ Now has Rosarius as standard Lead the Righteous mentioned above Can’t take jump pack
Imagifier: 2pts 6″ 3+ 3+ 3 3 4 3 8 3+ AoF, SoF (Shield of Faith) Simulacrum Imperialis: D6 start of turn on 4+ unit within 6″ can perform Act of Faith
Hospitaller: 2pts 6″ 4+ 3+ 3 3 4 2 8 3+ Chirurgeons tools S user -1AP Aof, SoF Healer: End of movement. Adepta Sororitas Infantry unit within 3″, roll D6. On 4+ one model recovers D3 lost wounds (IG medipack recovers 1 wound), if no wounded 1 slain model can be returned to the unit with 1 wound. A unit can only be targeted once per turn.
Dialogus: 1pts 6″ 4+ 3+ 3 3 4 2 8 6+ Dialogus staff +1S -1To Hit 6″ Adepta Sororitas re-roll morale bubble
Battle Sisters: 4pts per 5 up to 15 6″ 4+ 3+ 3 3 1 1 7 3+ Same as before, so no benefit in taking more than 5 models because you can only take 2 special or 1 special 1 heavy per unit instead of per 5 models.
Seraphim: 4pts per 5 up to 10 12″ 3+ 3+ 3 3 1 1 7 3+ Same as before
Celestian: 5pts per 5 up to 10 6″ 3+ 3+ 3 3 1 2 8 3+ 2 special or 1 special 1 heavy per UNIT Bodyguard: Character within 3″ transfers a wound to unit on 2+, this wound becomes a Mortal Wound
Mistress of Repentance: 2pts 6″ 3+ 3+ 3 3 4 3 8 3+ Neural Whips S User, -2AP Damage1 Add 1 to the wound rolls for attacks made with this weapon if the target unit’s highest LD is less than 8 excluding vehicles. Driven Onwards: re-roll advance, charge and hit rolls for friendly Repentia within 6″ of this model.
Repentia Squad:3 per 3 up to 9 6″ 3+ 3+ 3 3 1 2 8 7+ Penitent Eviscerator SX2 -2AP Damage 2 -1 To Hit
Retributor Squad: 6pts +4 for 5more models 6″ 4+ 3+ 3 3 1 1 7 3+ Same as before, max 4 heavy weapons per unit so no point taking more models. Aof, SoF
Dominion: 5 + 4 for 5 more models Same as above but 4 special weapons AoF, SoF Vanguard: After deployment, before first turn, move as in movement phase. If all models inside transport has this rule then transport may move instead.
Rhino and Immolator T7 W10
Exorcist T8 W12
Points costs: Arco 15 Battle Sisters 9 Canoness 45 Celestian 11 Crusaders 11 Death Cult 17 Dialogus 15 Dominion 10 Exorcist 160 Hospitaller 30 Imagifier 40 Immolator 68 Priest 35 Mistress of Repentance 35 Penitent Engine 55  Repentia 17 Retributor 9 Seraphim 11 Sororitas Rhino 73 Celestine 150 -Geminae Superia 50each Uriah Jacobus 100
Melee weapons, if weapon isn’t mentioned it’s points cost is 0
Eviscerator 22 for S6 Ap -4, SM costs 22pts for S8 Ap -4 Neural Whips 3 Penitent buzz-blades 40 Power axe 5 Power Maul 4 Power Sword 4 Ranged Weapons, if weapon isn’t mentioned it’s points cost is 0 Combi – flamer 11 melta 19 plasma 15 Condemnor boltgun 1 – Same as a regular bolter but D3 damage vs psykers Flamer 9 Hand Flamer 6 Heavy Bolter 10 Heavy Fmaler 17 Hunter killer missile 6 Immolation Flamer 35 Inferno pistol 12 Meltagun 17 Plasma gun 13 pistol 7
Storm Bolter 4
Twin Heavy bolter 17
Twin multi-melta 54

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