Hawk Wargames has shared its final Corvette teaser, the PHR. Can't wait for these to get here.

On a personal note, I just got my Battleships now, and am working on getting them together over the next couple of days. (I also picked up some new starter sets since apparently I should of ordered more during the kickstarter.)

via Hawk Wargames
Dear Backers
Today we have day eleven of our Hawk Wargames previews, and we have the PHR Corvette to show you:

As well as this, we have a follow up from our previous update:
We have started shipping out missing from export pledges, which we have been packing box by box, and getting some of the pledges with address issues dispatched too. The big time-consumer is the data management of the missed exports, as well as managing the emails coming in. Despite what some people have been saying, we are getting back to emails as quickly as we can. We have a smaller team working on this now, as some of the team have had to take a break as they have been working on this for months and months solid, but there will still be people looking at emails, and still be members of our team getting back to you.

If you have emailed us, even if it was a while back, we are still getting back to emails due to the number of emails coming in. We are looking at ways to increase the speed of our reply that we hope we can implement as soon as possible. We will update you all on this as soon as we can.
We will be continuing to dispatch missed pledges over the Christmas period (where shipping allows), and, as mentioned above, our team will be replying to emails too. We will be updating everyone again soon.

Kind regards
The Hawk Wargames Team

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