Have you been watching? Warhammer Live is free this week and as Thursday's show is currently wrapping up, 40k is the topic for tomorrow.


Warhammer Live Launch Week
Find out what great content we have coming up for you this week…

Note: All times are GMT

15:00 – Introductions – The live-stream starts with introductions where you meet the players for the night’s games.

15:30 – Game 1 – Rob Crouchley and Chris Peach will be adapting the Verdigris Plains battleplan, which can be found on page 90 of the General’s Handbook, to represent a battle that takes place outside the City of Hallowguild in the first of a series of narrative campaign games between these two armies. You might recognise Hallowguild from the map/board used in the Gate of Stars campaign.

18:00 – Break – There will be a short break while we restock our coffee cups and reset the boards.

18:30 – Game 2 – This matched play game will be between Will’s Stormcast Eternals and Joe’s Chaos (Clan Skyre) armies. Will recently won overall at the Sparhammer tournament in Nottingham and Joe won Best Sporting Player at the most recent South Coast GT.

21:00 – Sign Off – We’ll wind down with a review of the night’s games with Rob and Eddie.

14:00 – Mailbag – Rob will be going through some of the questions you’ve sent in via facebook about Warhammer Live. If you have any questions about the Warhammer Live team, ask them.

14:30 – Secrets of the Black Library – We’ll be talking with Black Library author and editor Nick Kyme, so be sure to send in your questions for him HERE. We can’t promise we’ll get to them all, but we’ll do what we can.

15:00 – How to Paint: Whole Armies – Duncan will be chatting to us about the process of painting whole armies, rather than painting different miniatures from different factions each day like he does in the Tip of the Day series. (Is there anything he can’t do??)

15:30 – Community Corner – In this segment, Rob will be talking about upcoming Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 40,000 events around the world.

16:00 – Inside the Studio – Phil Kelly comes and talks to us about his work in the studio, and how the smallest line can be the start to something big. If you have any questions for him, ask them HERE on the Warhammer TV Facebook page.

16:30 – Inside the Studio: Blood Bowl – James Hewitt comes to tell us about what’s going on in the world of Blood Bowl with the recent launch of the new season.

17:00 – Sign-off – Rob winds down the show with his classic, debonair flair.

15:00 – Introductions – The live-stream starts with some intros from Rob and John (from the Warhammer World events team).

15:30 – Game 1 – The Ultramarines try to reassert control over an Imperial planet recently overrun with Genestealer cultists, in the first of several instalments in this ongoing campaign.

18:00 – Break – We’ll be taking a break to reset the board and refill our drinks.

18:30 – Game 2 – Fury of the Storm. The Space Wolves and Thousand Sons will battle it out in this Altar of War mission from Wrath of Magnus.

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