This and again this. I love the Ground Sectors that came with the kickstarter, as they are really useful and look fantastic on the tabletop with a little paint. However, there are ones missing from the mission list, and I had resorted to painting some of the ones I got the colors listed in the rulebook. Now it appears these are coming, and I will have to eventually repaint a few Ground Sectors.

Power Plant, Comms Station, and Orbital Defense!

via Hawk Wargames
Dear Backers
Please find below a preview of the new Resin Ground Sectors (our third preview in our 12 days of Christmas series).

New Ground Sectors New Ground Sectors

Here is a midweek update for you all:
Regarding the shipping, we have approximately one pallet of parcels (about 20) plus the late backers left to ship out, and we are also beginning to go through the missing orders that are coming in. We are getting through these emails as quickly as we can, and will get these missing pledges or missing or damaged elements out as fast as we can. We have put another member of our team onto customer support, but please bear with us as we get through these emails. Please accept our apologies for this delay in replying. We will respond to every email.

We will be working throughout the time in the run up to Christmas and throughout the Christmas break so that we can get all issues resolved and all pledges sent out.

We will put another update out again soon.
Kind regards
The Hawk Wargames Team
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