The Genesys Project is a game where you can create your own army, its rules, weapons, and powers. Progressing your faction through the three Ages of Genesys during campaign play is a lot of fun, but there is something we have not talked about yet openly to everyone. The single missing element are those major events in history that can really turn things around or spell doom for your race. These are Events.

The Genesys Project Open Beta: To get your free Product Key,  just follow the link and discover more about exactly what the Genesys Project is.

Events in Genesys can be generated to produce a storyline for your events, turning a 2-3 day event into a cool storyline of missions and battles. During an Event, Event and HeroPlay missions are mixed together with campaign rewards coming at the end of the event, with specific event bonuses that take place for the specific battles you will face.

HeroPlay is gameplay for single models only, where you can create Heroes for each of your classes and take them to the field. Only single models are allowed and such things as coordinated attacks are open to all models on the table gathering to take down larger foes.

While HeroPlay is great for events, it is not limited to them, and can be played using the normal campaign rules.

Campaign Play
What is nice about these different modes of play, is that they can all be added to your campaign play for your species. The games you play can be a mix of types, so that you can have an event over the weekend, get together for a campaign game next week, and mix in a heroPlay game or two somewhere in between; all adding to your faction to advance it forward to towards the next age.

The rules for these are more specifics will be up for the open beta playtesting sometime in January/February. 2017 is going to be a fast paced exciting time for the Genesys Project.
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