This rumor dives into several things we have already heard in that there are no Sisters for awhile and that the first loyal primarch will be Roboute. check out the latest rumors.

via Sanguinius on Reddit Warhammer

Well, I was having beers with my GW source the other night and the topic got onto the Fall of Cadia and the coming story arcs and releases. He claims to know out to mid-2017 what is going to happen, but obviously needs to remain tight lipped. I did get the following tidbits though:

  • Outside of Celestine and her Geminii bodyguards, there are no plans in the next 5 months for any SoB boxes/kits.
  • The first loyal Primarch to 'wake up' will be Roboute, and not Russ/Lion/Vulkan as many predict. Blankets will be counted! Spirits will be lieged! :)
  • Trayzn is likely going to be releasing a 'Salamander' from prison. With a twinkle in his eye he quoted: 'It might not be Vulkan though.'
  • In regards to the Triumvirate of the Imperium on Cadia, there will be others. Think of an Eldar team containing an Eldar/Dark Eldar combo, with the Exodites thrown in.

That's all he could say. Discuss away. He's a very good source who gave me the Imp Agents + Traitor Legion info a few weeks back, so I have very good confidence that his info is legit.

Edit: A lot of speculation in the last few hours is leaning towards Dorn being woken in Trazyn's collection noting the presence of Imp Fists and Black Templars. This is purely speculation, but has anyone thought of Sigismund? The lore says that Sigismund went hunting for Abaddon after the Battle for Terra and was never see again....this is purely speculation on my behalf, but it would certainly tie-in the choice of the Black Templars/Imp Fist matchup on Cadia, wouldn't it?
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