A release list for the rest of 2016 thanks to one of our most excellent sources here. This looks like a good wrap up for the end of the year here.

A huge thank you to our sources for sharing this with us here and the community at large.

via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
Greetings, here is the current plan for upcoming releases. due to some error, spire of dawn got relased one week to early. which may lead to no new preorder this week. however the last december week will bring preorders for the following:

Dec 31th preorder (release jan 7th)

armoured assault boxed sets:
Space Marine Skyhammer Tactical Squad 55$
-Tactical Marine Squad and a Drop Pod

Dark Angels Gauntlet Tactical Squad 55$
-Tactical Marine Squad and a Rhino

Blood Angels Gauntled Tactical Squad 55$
-Blood Angel Tactical Squad and a Rhino

Space Wolves Skyhammer Wolf Pack 55$
-Grey Hunter Squad and a Drop Pod

Tyranid Tervigon Brood Progenitor 60$
-Termagaunt unit (12) and a Tervigon

Ork Trukk Boyz 55$
-Ork Boys (11) and a Trukk

Tau Empire Optimised Pathfinder Team 55$
-10 Pathfinders, a Accelerator Drone, Recon Drone, Grav inhibitor Drone and a Devilfish

Eldar Dire Avangers Skyblade 55$
-5 Dire Avangers with option for a exarch and a Wave Serpent

Dark Eldar Kabalite Skysplinter 55$
-a unit of Kabalite Warriors and a Raider

Astra Militarum Cadian Armoured Fist 55$
-10 Cadian Schock Troopers and a Chimera

Chaos Space Marines Chaos Desolator Squad 55$
-10 Chaos Space Marines and a Chaos Rhino

Citadel Paint Sets
dec 31th preorder (release jan 7th)

9 Small Paint Set Boxes. Each with 6 Paints (3ml) for various Armies (example Ultramarines, Skitarri, Necrons etc.) 15$

Book Releases:
dec 31th preorder (release jan 7th)
The Horus Heresy: Cybernetica by Rob Sanders 24$

thats all for now. Cant wait for next Year :)
cheers and happy Christmas time!

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