Games Workshop has revealed all the box sets coming to pre-order this weekend. These are cool because they are covering 12 different armies. Check out the first release of 2017.

Oh yea, and if you want to see the pricing..... we revealed that a couple days ago here

via Warhammer Community

Coming this January – Armoured Assault
Breaking news on some new sets on the way this January:

Armoured Assault boxes combine a unit and their transport in a great value set. 12 armies are covered in total, even Tyranids (though in this case, it’s less “armoured assault” and more “carapaced spawning” containing as it does a Tervigon, and her brood of Termagants.)

These are the perfect way to expand a new army (like the one you’re getting for Christmas, since you’ve been so good all year) or to re-visit an existing army that’s just been waiting for a few reinforcements.

A couple of these and an HQ choice would give you a great start to a highly mobile force as the basis of a new army for the new year. 

These sets will be available to pre-order on the 31st of December.
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