It's been a crazy day for Warhammer 40k, and several of our sources seem to have a pulse on what is going on. So following up with today's breakthroughs, one of our solid sources is chiming in to talk about a little bit more.

via a very solid source on Faeit 212
so now that GW has officially confirmed the Celestine for next year, w/ no plastic SOB in 2016, and I'm assuming my friend was talking of the resin Canoness as the plastic character release, I figured I'd share the rest. With chaos approaching Terra (still saying early-mid 2017), one of the loyalist primarchs will wake up (he says Guilliman, although others on your board seem to think the Lion), and they will call the custodes to the battle.Not sure if that's with Cadia or not. 

So again: 
(1) he called the "no sisters of battle in plastic except a character" in 2016, 
(2) he divulged the "plastic Celestine almost as big as Stormcast Prime", 

and at the same time he gave those and tossed out Slaneesh vs Eldar, he tossed out Loyalist primarch waking up (again, he says Guilliman) and bringing the custodes out of the throne room to actually do something. 

The only thing he's been wrong about so far was release timing. I'll take it.

Previously on Faeit 212 
via the same source as above
1. Was wrong on Chaos hitting Tera by year end 2016, they'll only be on their way. Apologies. 
2. Slaneesh v Eldar God(s?) in Webway while this is all going on, confirmed.
3. No plastic Sisters of Battle by year end 2016, but maybe a character. Big maybe. Have to make due with Sisters of Silence for now. 

Just a couple timing things: Not sure if there's a public official release date for the Prospero box but FLGS saying >4 weeks, but <8 .="" but="" credits.="" i="" imperial="" not="" saving="" specific="" start="" super="" those="">

via Whisky Priest on Faeit 212
The rumours coming out of GWHQ suggest that Celestine will be back next year in a forthcoming Black Crusade plotbook - the same kind of thing that has seen the reappearance of Magnus, and potentially other primarchs

Manager of my local store picked it up on his last product training day down at GW towers

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