Its a very common theme to see powered armor in movies, games (video and tabletop), and books. Even more exciting is our current world, where many different companies and governments are working on suits capable of protecting soldiers, increasing their strength multiple times, and much more.

Now we come to The Genesys Project, where there are many different forms or personal protection for our soldiers, but the one that stands out the most is of course your powered armor. It stands above the personal body armor or exoskeleton suits, not only for it's point cost and level of protection, but because you can build your own with it's own systems and armament.

One of the biggest assets of Powered Armor is the level of protection it gives. If you want a soldier able to walk through a hail of bullets and firepower, able to receive first aid injections, immediate battlefield communications, enhanced targeting, strength, and speed; this is your path.

Body Armor, Powered Exoskeletons, and Powered Armors are all possibilities during the second age, whether you are creating your Faction for the second age, or advancing it forward during campaign play from the 1st Age.

Creating and Customizing your own Powered Armor, Vehicles, and Weapons is of course part of the fun of the Genesys Project, and we are but a week out from jumping head first into the Open Beta for the 2nd Age Humanoids.

Here is a look at what Powered Armor can bring to the table. (please note that this is an earlier version, and options and point costs are being finalized this coming weekend.) Also be aware that powered armor, unlike body armor, gives you a set toughness value, and strength.

Powered Armor Options
Powered Armor T5, Strength 4
Enhanced Strength
Increased Armor Protection
First Aid Stimulants
Adrenal injections
All Around Sight
Camo Polymer Covering
Flight Control systems with Jetpacks
Integrated Command Comms.
Integrated Targeting AI
Cybernetic Integration Systems
Deflector shielding
Sprint Enhancers
Reactive Armor Plating
Liquid Armor
Built in Weapon Systems
Heavy Mount Frame for Heavy Weapons

Want to know more about the Genesys Project, or interested in Joining up for the Open Beta?
Here is where you can get your own free product key to download the current rules.

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