UCM Corvette

The latest update and preview shows off the UCM Corvette leaving only the PHR left to show. Also in these updates are letting everyone know where any shipping is at for the remaining kickstarters.

Dear Backers
Please find below the next preview from Dropfleet Commander - The UCM Corvette.

Regarding the comments at the end of the previous update, we have tried to answer your questions below, and will continue to do this at each update where possible.

- There are a number of emails that we need to get through, and we are doing them in order, and are not "cherry picking" ones to do first. We will respond to every email, as we stated before.

- It is not an 80/20 situation - we are still trying to calculate and compile the lists, but it is looking like maybe a 2-4% position. There have been several people who submitted their pledge manager after the cut-off date, and a few address issues that we are resolving one by one. There are a large amount of emails to go through, and this does take time as the team are needing to reply as well as add or change information in spreadsheets in order to ensure correct information is being passed across.

- Apart from pledges with address/shipping queries, or pledges that there have been export issues with, or pledges that were submitted after we began the shipping process, all the parcels have left our warehouse. We are getting through every parcel with address/shipping queries and waiting on replies from some backers regarding these. We are collating information on pledges that have not been exported correctly, by 2 methods: 1 - from emails being sent in to our email account, 2 - by manually checking every dispatch confirmation and checking it against the pledge packing lists. This will be a time-consuming process, but we feel there is no other way of confirming which pledges are missing from our packing list.

We will begin shipping the missing pledges out this coming week. Based on early estimates, it look like the number of export error pledges, missed pledges or address queried pledges might be between one hundred and two hundred. As these will be being packed in order that we have received information for them, they will be being sent out in small batches of pledge sizes across any missing pledges, but also in the order in which we have received them.

For example: If we have received information for 3 Commodores, 5 Lieutenants, and 4 Captains, we will be packing all of these rather than waiting on further commodores, lieutenants or captains before packing a pledge type. This will mean that in total they will be slightly slower to pack that previously, however we hope it will mean we can get a lot of these out before Christmas and the new year. From the emails we have had in, we are also needing to go through whether the pledge has already been shipped and may have been lost in transit, or whether it has been missed in the export, or whether it has an address query. We are sorry that the issue over delays to pledges has escalated - there has been a lot learned and some things outside of our direct control that have made this delay worse.

We have a team allocated to the emails and sorting of data and another to the packing and dispatch of any missing/missed pledges. Both teams will be working over the Christmas period as much as is possible, and they will be getting back to emails as quickly as they can. During this time we would really appreciate your patience with regards to our response to your emails. We do appreciate the frustration, but we want to resolve things as quickly as we can for all backers who are still waiting or have issues.

We will try to answer questions to our best abilities going forward, but please bear with us while we try to resolve the pledges that have not yet been received by backers.

Thank you all for your support, and we hope that those of you who have received your pledge(s) are enjoying the game.

Kind regards,
The Hawk Wargames Team

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