GW is re-releasing the Stormcloud Attack boxsets this weekend. The Spire of Dawn boxset is still up as well, but is most likely sold out in most locations, but you can get set up to receive an email when stock is back.

New this week from Games Workshop
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Spire of Dawn £50

Chaos Space Marines Heldrake Flight Ready Bundle £50
Eldar Crimson Hunter Flight Ready Bundle £45
Ork Dakkajet Flight Ready Bundle £45
Tau Razorshark Flight Ready Bundle £45
Space Marines Stormtalon Flight Ready Bundle £35
Necron Night Scythe Flight Ready Bundle £30
Stormcloud Attack Flight Manual – Eldar/Orks £10
Stormcloud Attack Flight Manual – Space Marines/Chaos Space Marines £10
Stormcloud Attack Flight Manual – Necron/Tau £10
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