New box sets coming to pre-orders December 31st are the Armoured Assault Box sets. Very cool way to expand your army, hopefully with a good price to get people going on new armies, or to expand existing. Check out the latest.

via Warhammer Community
Coming this January – Armoured Assault
Breaking news on some new sets on the way this January:

Armoured Assault boxes combine a unit and their transport in a great value set. 12 armies are covered in total, even Tyranids (though in this case, it’s less “armoured assault” and more “carapaced spawning” containing as it does a Tervigon, and her brood of Termagants.)

These are the perfect way to expand a new army (like the one you’re getting for Christmas, since you’ve been so good all year) or to re-visit an existing army that’s just been waiting for a few reinforcements.

A couple of these and an HQ choice would give you a great start to a highly mobile force as the basis of a new army for the new year. 

These sets will be available to pre-order on the 31st of December.

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