We are excited to announce registration is now open for the 2016 Da Boyz Grand Tournament. Da Boyz will be held on the weekend of November 4th – 6th at the beautiful Bristol Harbour Resort in scenic Canandaigua NY. This three-day gaming extravaganza features multiple gaming systems and formats. This year we will be hosting multiple tournaments in Warhammer 40K, Age of Sigmar, Warmachine and 9th Age systems. We will also have a special 2 day Warhammer 8th Edition campaign event for those who love to play old school Warhammer or don’t like the tournament type experience. Friday we will host our famous 40K doubles event and hope to add other special events in other games.

Registration and composition systems are available at www.daboyzgt.com.

Venue Information: http://www.bristolharbour.com/

Non Gaming things to do in the area:

Army List Submission – Army lists will be due on October 20th please see notes about email correspondence below

Contact us at: Email: daboyzrocgt@gmail.com TOKingdomcon@gmail.com for Warmachine

Important note on Email: In the subject line ALWAYS indicate if you are writing about 40K/9th/AoS etc and Singles/Doubles and then your question/concern. Last year we had over 200 army lists and a similar number of questions sent to a shared email address. It wasn’t easy to keep track of it all. Help us out by titling carefully!

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/pages/Da-Boyz-Gt/106293642839491?fref=ts

Forums find us in the NE USA section of WargamersUSA http://wargamersusa.com/phpBB3/viewforum.php?f=17

Twitter hashtag #DaBoyzGT @Khornelord

I've been going since our first event at least 10 years ago, we have always been about comp back in the old days and we try to gear our main event to be inclusive of all players not just the big players and the top lists that's why we implemented restrictions on the main 40k event. 

But we realize people still want to play that style so we have our team event that has loose restrictions but emphasizing the fun and we try to make the environment relaxed. 

We are running fantasy events for the major flavors out there now, as well as our first warmachine event. 

Our venue which we will be in our fourth year is at the Bristol Harbour Resort which is a great location. Its a nice isolated resort with a bar right down the hall from our event and they have great food. They seem to love us and welcome us back every year, though they have learned to stock up on the beer after the first year 

Sites url: https://www.bristolharbour.com/

Thank you,
Jeff Hobin
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