With more information coming in slowly about next months big Age of Sigmar release, we have a date and intel that we should have some serious details in about 2-3 weeks time. Stores will be getting a copy 3 weeks early that participate in the events around July 1st.

via str00dles1 on Dakka
Talked to my FLGS who spoke to the GW Rep. 

FLGS can be in the campaign to "shape the world of AOS" 

Our local one is. There will be missions to play, in a way like a league but every victory you get, the store gives you a card and a special code where you enter it on the gw site and paste your battle report. Who won, factions, etc 

The book with points comes out July 21st. Stores who are participating gets a store copy 3 weeks early. Our store was told we would have it July 1st, and that anyone playing in the campaign thing can use it of course to build armies. 

Time for my Orruks Waaaagh
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