Next week we are looking at the hints for the Summer Campaigns as well as a possible Horus Heresy follow up game. Here are next weeks hints.

via Scanner on Spikey Bits

There are also hints for the summer campaign on the Age of Sigmar facebook page.

As Sigmar’s hosts strike against Chaos in the Realmgate Wars, we have been given glimpses of key locations within the Mortal Realms.
Now the Season of War dawns, for the first time we get a true look at the full majesty of the Realm of Life.
And it's huge! Those of you up to date on the Realmgate Wars books migth be able to spot a few locations on there.
Upon three strategic points on this landscape are the Seeds of Hope, the new cities of Order that you will be battling over during this Global Campaign – but who will claim them? Muster your forces now, for Order, Chaos, Death or Destruction – the campaign begins on the 14th of July.
More details on how you can take part are on the way soon.

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