Intel from the Generals Handbook is coming in now as expected. Someone has it in hand is answering questions!!!!

Lady Atia has this stuff up as well, and more.

We will be checking back with Ben and stay up to date today.... Please go there and get questions answered.

via Ben on TGA
"There's some new unit names lists.
Sylvaneth, Bone Splitterz and Beastclaw Raiders.

There are 3 main campaign types.
Path to glory, Map, matrix and ladder.
PTG is a narrative army building campaign with ability upgrades and a race to most glory points
Map show how to play for area with location bonus in games.
Matrix is similar to the old iPad/digital campaign sets where 1 game effects the next.
Ladder is like a tournament style league system.
It's 169 pages.
No such thing as relics.
There are Artifacts and comment traits to go with Allegiance abilities.

Some cool old hammer throwbacks here! Chaos Runeblade, talisman of protection, clook of mist and shadows and cursed book. And lots more.

Points structure is similar to clash/SCGT. You buy a unit of models. You can duplicate them up to a max size per unit.

e.g. Judicators are 160 points for 5
Your unit size can be 5 to 20.
So you pay 160 for 1-5
320 for 6-10 and so on
if you only had 7 Judicators you can still field them but would pay for 6-10

There's a really cool house rule section that basically says you can use this book as a guide and do what you like with is.

Tournaments make tweek things or your own gaming group may prefer to introduce own house rules.
They site measuring to bases as one of these.
Army builds are similar to SCGT but you have restrictions on unit types.

At 2000 points.
1-6 leaders
3+ battleline
max 4 of each artillery and behemoths.
Some units are only battleline if whole army is in a single faction.
No silver tower units at first checking."
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