The Hawk Wargames team is staying on top of things, and we are looking at a July shipping of Dropfleet Commander. I know a large group of people here that are very excited for it, including myself.

Here is the latest updates from Hawk Wargames

via Hawk Wargames
We are really excited about this latest sprue, and the quality of how they are all looking.

We have more Sprues to show off, but to begin with we wish to share an update on timings, on how everything is going:

As we announced before, and as people have mentioned on social media (after having spoken to some of the Hawk Team), we are looking at a July Dispatch/delivery time for the Kickstarter Rewards. We were hoping that we would have been able to hit our initial estimated delivery date (of June) but we are also committed to ensuring the delivery of the best models and game that we can. Certain things have needed some tweaking (like a few minor parts on our plastic sprues) and some printed elements have required a bit more product sampling and testing to ensure these are up to the standard we are aiming for. 

The rules and content are all coming together well, along with artwork and photography, and we are really excited by how it is all looking. Our warehouse is filling up with various components, including dice, and packaging, and our packing team are well into sorting and packing some of the kits, including the Kickstarter Exclusive Battlecruisers, the 2-UP Spaceships, and the resin ground sectors. 

We will have some photos of many of these as we get closer to dispatch time.
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