There is a lot coming out this weekend for the Sylvaneth, including dice, a Battletome, and a great selection of models that I may pick up, even though I don't intend on playing the Sylvaneth. I just like those Kurnoth Hunters that much.

There are also a couple of White Dwarf Leaked images as well on the War of Sigmar

via Bob on War of Sigmar

How to Paint Sylvaneth $10
Legends of AoS: Sylvaneth $24
Drycha Hamadreth $60
Kurnoth Hunters $60
Sylvaneth Branchwych $20
Sylvaneth Dice $20
Dreadhold Crucible $100
Realmgate Wars: ALL GATES $65
Alarielle The Everqueen (on warbeetle) $130
Tree Revenants $37
Battletome: Sylvaneth $50
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