This was sent in, and is a first look at a Legion Praetor Tribune that is a limited edition and will be available only this weekend . We had heard a lot about this previously and seen the leaked images showing off what the model will look like.

A little conflicting information, but follow the links and you can see the images that show off the new Space Marine Praetor limited edition model.

Via Forgeworld Facebook
We wanted to show you all what the store-exclusive Legion Praetor Tribune model looked like in another colour scheme, so we gave one to renowned Macragge-ophile Nick Bayton of the Warhammer World events team.
We think he's done a pretty good job!

Don't forget folks, get down to your local Games Workshop or Warhammer store this weekend to pick up this exclusive model.

Previously on Faeit 212
via anonymous sources on Faeit 212
*Limited Forge World Miniature
*Promotions for the model will begin June 4th
*One Weekend Only and available only in Games Workshop and Warhammer Stores
*Made out of forgeworld resin

*The model comes within a Box and exclusive Horus Heresy Rules, just like the 30 Years of Space Marine anniversary Marine.

*He will cost 40USD

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