The Battle for Xilos is the first supplement for Beyond the Gates of Antares. It comes with new characters, a new alien race (revealed earlier today), new characters and much more. This is a time to check out this game if you have not already.


If you happened to miss our exclusive look at the Tsan Ra earlier today, its not something you want to miss. A huge thanks to Warlord Games for this exclusive look!

via Warlord Games
June 10, 2016 - Beyond the Gates of Antares, Latest Products, Scenarios & Additional Rules - Tagged: Battle for Xilos, Beyond the Gates of Antares, Campaign, Featured

Preparation for the online Gates of Antares campaign is moving into overdrive as we prepare for imminent arrival of the first narrative supplement book – The Battle for Xilos – available to Order from today!

6 New Scenarios.
Complete Campaign System, inclusive of force and character progression.
Rules on how to build your own characters.
New rules for incorporating allies either by combining forces or with mercenaries.
Xilos creature rules.
One Completely new Ghar Outcast Rebel Army.
Two new Mercenary army lists, The Freeborn Adventurers Army and the Boromite Clan Army.
Army list updates for Isorians and Algoyrn.
New Characters.
New troop types including Isorian Pulse Bikes, new Drone types, Ghar Outcast Support weapons and the Rebel Creeper…
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