Great guests with Black Library authors and coverage for many of the books that I am interested in, the Combat Phase has two more episodes posted up on the Faeit 212 Community Site.

Combat Phase Latest Episodes.

Ep 150 Combat Phase - Kharn w/Anthony Reynolds & TBA6: Echoes of the Lost War w/David Guymer
We talk news, games played and hobby (lots from Kenny at BitS6)
Because we missed almost a whole week (So sorry! blame Robert!) we give you a double helping of BL author goodness here. First up is our continuation with Chaos Space Marines arc presenting Kharn w/his author Anthony Reynolds--who also dishes on his Word Bearers and Brettonians--then David Guymer is back on to cover The Beast Arises 6: Echoes of the Long War.
Many more author interviews to come in July. Enjoy!

Ep - 151 Combat Phase Legacy of Russ w/Robbie MacNiven
We welcome to the show for the first time, friend of the show, Robbie MacNiven who talks the 8-part series Legacy of Russ, part 6 is up next on

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