Warlord Games has quite a bit on the list today including the start of their Battle for Xilos Campaign. So visit the War Console and get signed up, but before you do, there are new Pre-orders for both Bolt Action and Beyond the Gates of Antares.

via the Warlord Games Studio
Coming Soon, and here to feast your eyes upon, are the upcoming Volksgrenadiers and War Elephant!
Expect to see these veteran troops in stores Mid July 2016

Campaign Battle for Xilos starts now!

New Pre-Orders
Bolt Action
M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo Heavy Assault Tank $37.00 (Available Now)
Churchhill Troop $80.00 Pre-Orders

Beyond the Gates of Antares
The Battle for Xilos - Antares Supplement $32.00
Boromite Guildess Arran Gestalin $24.00
Fartok, Ghar Outcast Rebels Commander $24.00
Xilos Gulper $32.00

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