Dawn of War 3 is one of those highly anticipated releases that many of us are looking forward to. The official trailer was just awesome, and if they can keep that kind of quality up, this game promises to be fantastic.

Some footage has apparently been leaked out and is now floating around the internet. Here are some links to it. Its a little hazy, but gives us a look ahead.

full video can be seen here

A break down video in hd  via Chapter Master Valrak on Youtube

Also Atia posted some Video Footage of DOW3
Dawn of War 3 (E3 vid)

Even though the video has been made private, so we can't see it, here is some translations for what was seen, since the footage was in German

Thank you to our sources for translating what is being said.
- focus is set on faster overall play
- Relic wants players to keep the armies moving instead of bunker up,
therefore NO cover system
- units will have special abilities
- base building is back, but no real info on how its going to work so far
- no release date yet, don't expect the game to come before 2017
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