Games Workshop has posted up the Contents page of the Generals Handbook, along with the image above. There more though, a lot more... Leaks revealing the point costs

via The Age of Sigmar Facebook
Behold, the General's Handbook!
Probably the most anticipated Warhammer Age of Sigmar book to date, certainly for gamers, this 169*-page tome will soon be providing you with three new ways to play battles in the Mortal Realms.
We’ve just got our first samples in, and we we’re so excited that we wanted to share a few things about the book with you.
This book really is packed with stuff – just take a look at the contents page to get an idea of just how much gaming goodness is in there. We’ll have more on the detail soon, including when you can get your hands on the book, but for now, please, just take a moment to soak it all in, and then begin your wild internet speculation… go!
* Usually books pages are in multiples of 4, for obvious reasons, but there was so much stuff in this that we had to use the inside back cover!

Leaked rules Compiled from the War of Sigmar
Full listings of points for Death (with Tomb Kings, Destruction, Order, and Chaos.
Complete pdf leaks for :

Artifacts and Traits

Imgur mega thread :
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