Warhammer 40,000 moving to formations only? That is what this rumor says, and that it will come this year but will not be called the End Times.

Please give this a ton of salt right now. The information comes filtered down through a very reliable person. That says nothing for the original source, of which I have no additional information.

This is one of those hard to take pills, that I am not going to take, but may be worth the discussion. A new edition like this is what most of us 40k players fear could happen.

What would you think of a 40k that was formation based, with no points?

via anonymous sources 
A very very salty rumor about 40k End Times. From an undisclosed message, it seems End Times will come through this year with another name(s), it will be (translate from spanish) more changes about game system than fluff. Expect to play only formations and the point system will be gone. 

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