Just a Reminder that on this one crazy day I generally keep a low profile since we do post up on rumors and news for our hobby. Even network news are often getting fooled on a day like today... (hmmm Volkswagen did my favorite this year that was picked up by far too many)

If you don't know what happened..... it was a mess because some journalists had it early and leaked it out before the actual April 1st day and thought it was real. Then Volkswagen ran with it in an official press release. 

The butt of the joke fell hard on news medias and journalists that ran with Volkswagen rebranding to Voltswagen to show off its whole movement towards electric vehicles. I'm still laughing. 

The entirety of it might have me looking to go back to VW (which I had sworn off from a bad experience) as an option for a future vehicle. 

Know of any other good April Fools Jokes? Please share

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