Crucible of Games, Makers Cult, Aphyrion, PiperMakes and Dark Foundry Miniatures launched a special event - the first-ever inter-Patreon open painting competition.

via Crucible of Games

We're launching the first inter-Patreon painting contest!
Starting today we'll hold a monthly painting competition with the prize pool comprised of our very own pieces of art:) The biggest and priciest thing that we could give to our Patrons, fans and followers:) And the most important thing - the contest is free for anyone! So you even don't need to be a Patron to participate;)

Each month new 'Season' would be held on a different Patreon, and models released on that Patreon would be a subject of the competition. And CoG had been honoured to host the first iteration of the contest.

So please, welcome the team and organizers of the contest:
Aphyrion with her mighty Araios Siege Engine;
Crucible of Games with a full collection of Elven Carnevale Troupe;
Dark Foundry Miniatures with incredibly armoured Polemarch by Cryminysakes;
PiperMakes with her modular Starfish battlesuit;
- and finally
The Makers Cult with their exclusive experiment - 54 mm Skull Knight by Garin.

Of course, such a big event requires special treatment. So we prepared a Very Special model to celebrate the launch of the contest. Please, welcome:
Badlands Ranger Cornell Rover!
A grimdark sci-fi homage to one of the best-known actors in the world. A man of great renown -
Chuck Norris himself:) And his famous role - Walker, the Texas Ranger. Players of both Necromunda and Warhammer could now field one of the mightiest warriors of all time. And smirk confidently while the mightiest heroes will retreat on the sight of his coming.

Part of this kit (one of the poses) would be available for free (both on our
MMF and CGaT stores). However, the full 20-part kit (extra pose, and optional bits to modify the visual of your miniature) would be a Patreon exclusive forever and will remain available to any Patron, in our Welcome Pack:)

Now, let's return to the contest. How it would work?
Well, here are the rules:

General Rules of Magnum Opus Painting Contest: Season 1, April 2021

  • Print and paint any model released by 'Crucible of Games' (any model that had been ever released on CoG Patreon counts as a valid entry, including guest models)
  • Post a photo of your painted model on your Instagram account tagging @crucible_of_games and placing #grimdark and #magnumopus_contest tags on your post.
  • The model should be printed not bigger than in 190% scale (similar to '54mm infantry' scaled miniature)
  • Only one entry from a single contestant is allowed
  • There should be only one 'character' on the final entry
  • Dioramas are allowed as well as using various terrain/custom bases/auxiliary printed parts. Please credit authors of the terrain/base/model if you use already existed models.
  • There should be more than 5 entries in total for the contest to run
  • The deadline for the contest is April 30th 6 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time)

Rules of Assessing the Transformation Contest

  • The results of the Contest would be summarized within 7 days from the deadline.
  • There would be four nominations in the contest: 1 'Choice of the Creators' and 3 'Choice of Community'
  • To choose the winners of the 'Choice of Community' nominations there would be an open voting poll on the Patreon page of the Crucible of Games. The poll would be open for 5 days. The top-3 results of the poll would be nominated as the winners of the 'Choice of Community' nominations.
  • The winner of the 'Choice of the Creators' nomination would be chosen by closed voting between Creators that provide models to the prize pool. The winner of this nomination should not be the same as the winners of the 'Choice of Community' nomination.

Prize Pool

  • The prize pool consists of the models provided by the Partnering Creators (one model/kit from each of the Creators):
    - Elven Carnivale Troupe from 'Crucible of Games'
    - Araios Siege Engine from 'Aphyrion'
    - Mounted Polemarch from 'Dark Foundry Miniatures'
    - Starfish Battlesuit from 'Poyper'
    - The Skull Knight from 'The Makers Cult' (54mm scale)
  • Each winner would receive a reward that consisted of the number of models from the prize pool. The number of models would depend on the nomination and place. The winner could choose what exact models from the Prize Pool they will receive as a reward.
    - Choice of Community - 1st place - 'Golden Coffer' - 5 models from Prize Pool
    - Choice of Community - 2nd place - 'Silver Coffer' - any 4 models from Prize Pool
    - Choice of Community - 3rd place - 'Copper Coffer' - any 3 models from Prize Pool
    - Choice of Creators - 'Mercury Coffer' - any 4 models from Prize Pool
  • The rewards would be provided to the winners via CGaT and MMF libraries. All winners would be contacted directly on Patreon/Instagram by 'Crucible of Games' team.

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