I have a feeling I will be taking a break from large vehicles/walkers after this one and return to some heavy infantry or smaller vehicles. This guy is massive and by far the largest printing project I have undertaken. While most of the stl files have proven to be fantastic there has been some a few things I have had to work through. 

This is the tank I am building, from Aphyrion's 3D March Patreon release.

This is where I am currently with quite a bit of the Hull and Primary Cannon printed

The rear of the massive tank before any glue or additional work done. Straight from the printer, cured and put into location to see how its coming.

Macro Las Lance

Ive got some sanding to do (not looking forward to) where the weapon will fit. If ever need a bit cannon, this one will do. Im certain this gun could hit things in orbit. While there are lots of options for this tank and its weapon, I of course went with the largest.

Lots of good details for this cannon. 

I am currently printing the front tracks and should have them all complete in a couple days as I work on getting the Cannon set into the hull. -this is the front left set of tracks. Each set of tracks is an 11 hour print for me, and there are two tracks to print for each side of the tank. 

Im on my 2nd bottle of resin for this beast.

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