Getting so close but not yet quite ready to start gluing things together. Ive got some minor adjustments and a reprint I am in the middle of followed by some heat vents/secondary weapons to go. 

What I am doing is reprinting the top turret at a reduced size to make it fit smoother without sanding and so I can magnetize different weapon options easily to the vehicle. The same goes for the main cannon. Sanding and fine tuning is a slow process.... so why not try and just "print to fit".... most excellent.

A lot of detail in those treads

The model is not assembled and just sitting on the treads. (will be tighter fitting)

The scale and detail are just beyond fun. Top Turret and Side Sponsons to follow

Some Additional Pictures close up to see the quality of the print. This is all printed on an Anycubic Photon S resin printer.

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