Holy Cow thats fast. The Lumineth Realm-lords are now the fastest moving in the game. If you like moving troops virtually anywhere on the board this is your faction.

Quick overview of the Speed in the Lumineth Realm Lord updates via WarCom

Hurakan temple

Choose a Hurakan Windmage as your general, they can also benefit from the Swift command trait, which boosts their Move characteristic to a blistering 19” 
Choose the Great Nation of Helon – which unlocks Hurakan Windchargers as a Battleline unit. 

Mount Up 


Both Vanari Dawnriders and Hurakan Windchargers have a very impressive base Move characteristic of 14”

Support the Troops 
Vanari Lord Regents also move 14” on their lightcourser steeds, so they can keep up just fine with your Dawnriders and Windchargers. 

Raise Your Army’s Spirits

As befitting the war-form of the wind itself, Hurakan Spirits of the Wind can fly a jaw-dropping 24”. Yes, this includes Severith. As if that wasn’t enough, they can each take an additional 12” move at the end of the shooting phase. As if THAT wasn’t enough, they can still charge later in the turn.

Death Delivered Hot and Fast
the humble Speed of Hysh spell. For a mere casting value of 5, you can DOUBLE the move of nearby units. 

That’s right, you can pretty much place Severith anywhere you like within 48”, and you can do it more than once per game. 

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