With the new book Loyalist Legios coming to Adeptus Titanicus it appears this will be an important book to play Loyalist factions in the game. There is a lot in this book and today we have a preview that will show off the contents as well as a few rules. 

via WarCom

16 Titan Legions are detailed, ranging from the famous to the obscure. Each gets background, alongside a mixture of special rules that let you represent their particular character and specialisations on the tabletop. These include Legio Traits, Stratagems, Wargear, and Personal Traits for your Princeps. Take the Legio Trait for the Iron Skulls of Legio Metalica, for example.

Legio Metalica’s rules are appearing for the first time in this volume, and like the other Legios, there are some stunning full-colour illustrations of their war engines as well.

If you prefer fielding dozens of Imperial Knights, the book has you covered too, with background, rules, and illustrations for 12 Households, including four that are new to the game – House Coldshroud, House Terryn, House Procon Vi, and House Krast. Each includes a table of Knightly Qualities to personalise a High Scion or Seneschal, like this quality for House Terryn.

The rest of the book collects together and updates a bunch of essential rules and information, including all 50 Stratagems that Loyalist forces can make use of, comprehensive weapons charts, Titan upgrades, and the rules for the Psi-Titans of the Ordo Sinister.

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