Necromunda Hive War is just what people have been asking for, a complete way to get into the game that currently seems overloaded with books and rules. This puts much of that in one place. 

via Warcom

The rulebook found in Necromunda: Hive War is unique to this boxed set. This book has been specially created to make playing the game easier than ever, and it includes all of the tweaks and improvements from all of the errata released since Necromunda came out.

Along with the rules, the book includes six scenarios to help you learn the game, building your confidence until you’re an underhive expert. There are also basic rules for all six of the Clan Houses and their unique weapon lists.*

In the box, you get two full gangs to play with. The Escher are swift, bringing deadly poisons and toxins to bear on their enemies. Facing them are the Delaque for whom information is a weapon. Fortunately, they also have plenty of guns, knives, and grenades for the times they need actual weapons to be their weapon. 

The models can be assembled as Leaders, Champions, and Gangers for their relevant house, and they come with a selection of weapons and equipment.

Necromunda: Hive War also contains everything else you need to play Necromunda, including tokens, templates, dice, and more. This box really does provide the best way to jump into the world of skirmish wargaming.

Necromunda: Hive War is available to pre-order soon, and we’ll be taking a closer look at the two gangs in the box later in the week. 

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