A new model reveal for the Sisters of Battle! A Celestian Sacresant looks like it has some staying power with ornate shields and polearm power weapons. 

via WarCom

In this instalment, we’re introducing a new division of the Celestians – the fighting elite of the Orders Militant – known as Celestian Sacresants. Like their Celestian sisters, Sacresants traditionally act as bodyguards to the heads of their Order, but they’re also tasked with another holy duty – purging the impure and driving them from sites of sacred significance on the battlefield.

As a Celestian, each Sacresant is a highly skilled warrior, able to overcome many times her own number in battle. Sacresants wield a variety of blessed polearms and maces with which to smite the unclean, and bear large, ornate shields to ward off the blows of their enemies. Protected in both body and spirit, Celestian Sacresants are the wall against which waves of heretics will break.

So, now you know who they are, take a look at these fearsome new Battle Sisters!

One last thing. Those of you who picked up the Piety and Pain boxed set may have noticed that the points and Power Rating for the Palatine were not in the rulebook you got. They are set to appear in a future publication, but until then we thought you might like to unleash this new Adepta Sororitas commander in your games of Warhammer 40,000.

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