The Charging Phase is up today and we are still looking at a 2d6 charge distance with an overwatch that hits on 6's. The only real minor change to it, is that you do not need to reach base to base, instead just getting within 1", and that Overwatch can be fired more than once.

Seems like a missed opportunity. It seems something could of been done to help faster moving squads reach close combat easier rather than back to the standard random distance roll.

Still, rules are not out yet, and there could very well be additional rules that effect this.

via Warhammer Community

Charging in Warhammer 40,000 is how you get your units into close combat to use all those awesome looking exotic combat weapons to hack, slash and otherwise obliterate enemy units.

The basic mechanics of this phase are very similar to how they work now. You can select any unit within 12″ as the target of your charge, and your units will move towards them 2D6″.

Enemy units still have a chance to hit the charging unit with overwatch, provided that they are not already in combat. Just as in the current edition, overwatch is a hit on a flat 6 – all pretty familiar so far.

In the current Warhammer 40,000, you need to reach base contact. In the new edition, though, you only need to come within 1″ of an enemy, which in practice means that compared to the current charge range, you get an extra inch.

You also can’t move within 1″ of an enemy you didn’t declare as the target of your charge, so if you want to engage multiple units, you’ll need to brave the overwatch fire of all of them. Overwatch can also be fired multiple times per phase, but as soon as the unit is engaged, they will no longer be able to fire back.

So, the Charge phase keeps most of its current mechanics, with only minor amends.

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