Apparently there has been a lack of Sternguard and Veteran box finecast box sets in GW stores of late, due to a problem with the quality of the molds. I do not have confirmation on this, but it was worth mentioning in case readers are waiting for or looking for these models.

Please remember that this is not confirmed, so if you have some information to add, please do so below.

via David from the Faeit 212 inbox
not sure if you've had this info but have you noticed the lack of sternguard and vanguard vet box sets in GW stores? this is due to the extreme poor quality of the moulds and resin used. gw hobby centers were requested to send these boxed models back to GWHQ and are waiting for the new re-done resin models to be sent back. ive been informed the resin they use has been improved and the moulds have been redone.

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