This comes to us a little unexpected....... a rumor for the Imperial Guard. Now I am going to assume this is a long ways out, or its for a White Dwarf insert or other 40k expansion. However there are few codices like the Imperial Guard right now in 6th edition. (it does not need a new codex).

Please remember that this is a rumor. Do not forget to add the salt. This rumor was sent to me in the Faeit 212 inbox from Wolfen from LA TABERNA DE LAURANA (a huge thanks) and is translated into english by google translator. However, it originally comes from the Adeptus Forum (also in spanish)

via Wolfen over at LA TABERNA DE LAURANA
It´s only an early rumour, but seems that Jes Goodwin in a chat talk spoiled this picture of his now early works on the new and future Imperial guard codex..

The rumor via Terradas over at Adeptus Forum
it's early, but apparently has escaped Jes Godwin sketch the new imperial guard

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